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In 2012, while scrolling through Facebook, the inventor came across an infographic depicting a simple aquaponics system. As an engineer, the inventor was inspired to create their own version and ultimately designed a fully air-powered system. The inventor placed the system inside a passive solar greenhouse and began the process of patenting various technical components of the system. This marked the beginning of the Dream Habitat project.


The inventor originally thought that the shaded, poorly lit area at the back of the greenhouse would be unsuitable for growing plants, but discovered that it was actually the perfect environment for cultivating mushrooms. As far as we know, no one had attempted to grow mushrooms in an aquaponics system before. These mushrooms thrived because they were regularly flooded with pond water containing a low level of salt, which prevented the growth of bacteria. In the next version of the greenhouse, the inventor installed an evaporative cooling system to maintain a humid and oxygenated environment in the mushroom chamber while also releasing CO2 into the plant chamber. This innovative approach has been patented in several countries, including the US, and is currently patented or being considered for patents in 12 other countries and regions.


Thereafter, the inventor partnered with skilled architects to create houses and multi-story buildings featuring our patented CO2/O2 gas exchange design. Our goal is to secure funding to protect the building and skyscraper patents globally.


To fund our project, we are implementing a multi-faceted fundraising strategy. We are selling mini and larger greenhouse kits to individuals who are passionate about sustainable agriculture. These kits utilize the similar technology found in our commercial greenhouses, buildings, and skyscrapers with patented designs. In addition to the kits, we are botanical selling art and launching Kickstarter campaigns to generate funds. Finally, we are seeking community donations to contribute to the success of this project. By supporting our fundraising efforts, you are making a direct impact and helping us use our patented technology to advance the sustainable agriculture movement on a global scale.

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