ðŸ’ĄGreenhouse Technology

Multi-Patent Portfolio

Our multi patent portfolio includes innovative technology for sustainable food production using passive solar structures. These structures, designed for arid and semi-arid climates, offer a customizable habitat for a closed-loop system powered by renewable energy. This system utilizes the interdependence between plants, mushrooms, and fish, all enhanced by our cutting-edge technology.

Enhanced Passive Solar Design

To create an enhanced passive solar design, we use materials that are both affordable and Eco-friendly. Additionally, we employ multiple processes to ensure a sustainable and efficient growing cycle.

Plant Chamber

In our plant chambers, not only do the plants thrive in the perfect environment for production, but they also contribute to the overall sustainability of the system. These plants generate oxygen that is utilized by the mushrooms in the mushroom chamber on the opposite side of the waterwall. Additionally, the plants receive water from the fishpond and remove excess nitrates during the nutrient uptake process, helping to keep the water in the fishpond clean. This not only allows us to yield crops, but also ensures the overall health and cleanliness of the system.

Fish Plant Loop

The Fish Plant Loop is a symbiotic system where our fishpond serves as the perfect home for various types of freshwater fish, including catfish, tilapia, and other high-yield species. The waste produced by the fish provides nutrient-rich water for the plants and mushrooms, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Mushroom Loop

The Mushroom Loop not only provides an optimal environment for mushroom growth, but also helps to sustain the plants in the light side of the waterwall through the production of carbon dioxide. Additionally, the mushrooms in this system benefit from the water provided by the fishpond and simultaneously purify the water by removing nitrates during the nutrient uptake process. Essentially, the Mushroom Loop not only produces crops but also maintains the cleanliness of the fishpond water.


The waterwall, a thermal battery, captures solar energy through its sun-facing glazing to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse. In the winter, it helps to keep the space warm, while in the summer it helps to keep it cool. This ensures the greenhouse stays comfortable throughout the year, even when the sun is low or high in the sky.

Evaporative Cooling System

The Evaporative Cooling System (ECS) helps to create the perfect growing environment for mushrooms by capturing hot, oxygenated air from the plant chamber and cooling and moisturizing it before delivering it to the mushroom chamber. Not only does this provide the ideal conditions for mushroom growth, but it also flushes out the carbon dioxide produced by the mushrooms, ensuring a healthy and productive ecosystem.


Our patents and applications are directed to black soldier fly composting systems, and automatic fish feeders. Additionally, they include systems and methods for constructing passive solar houses, buildings, and skyscrapers that incorporate aquaponics, greenhouse, and mushroom cultivation. This innovative systems allow for the efficient production of both plants, mushrooms and fish using renewable energy sources.

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