🚔From Patent to Product

At Dream Habitat, we are committed to creating sustainable products through our innovative approach of open collaboration and teamwork. Our team members work together to turn sustainability patents and concepts into tangible products, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology to streamline the innovation process. Together, we strive to make a positive impact on the world.

Example: Pending Patent Application

To ensure the success of our innovative ideas, we initiate our process by safeguarding them through a comprehensive global patent protection process. This not only provides a layer of security for our innovations but also opens up various avenues for sales, licensing, and product development through our robust patent portfolio.

Concept Development

Building on our foundation of patented innovations, we delve deeper into concept development with help from our talented 3D artists to bring our ideas to fruition. These concepts, protected by patents, represent the cutting-edge of our research and development efforts.

Product Vision

By utilizing AI, we are able to transform our design concepts into tangible product visions. These visions are then brought to life by our talented architects and engineers, who use them to create functional, real-world products.

AI renderings

Architectural Drawings

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